Dr. Kapoor was the first one to bring the concept of Pediatric critical unit (PICU) in the state of Uttar Pradesh in 1998. She Began as two beds dedicated to critically ill children in the adult ICU. But soon she realized that critically ill children needed special surroundings, environment, and care for better outcome, so she carved out a special area in the hospital with 4 beds which was the PICU. The PICU at the Regency Hospital is now the first 7 bedded accredited critical care unit in UP. It has facilities for high frequency ventilation, conventional ventilation, non-invasive ventilation, Dialysis, SLED, Plasmapheresis, ECMO, invasive and non-invasive monitoring, flexible bronchoscopy etc. needed for a level-3 PICU. It caters to all children needing critical care in neurology, trauma, renal emergencies, pulmonary emergencies, gastrointestinal, endocrinal and cardiac emergencies, and Sepsis etc. All post- surgical (except post operative cardiac cases) children who need critical care are admitted to the PICU of Regency hospital. The PICU graduates get excellent rehabilitation facilities during their stay in PICU and post discharge. Dr. Kapoor has been heading a diploma course in pediatric intensive care since 2018 and has trained many intensivists.


Pediatric Flexible Bronchoscopy : Dr. Kapoor is known for her special interest in pediatric flexible bronchoscopy. She established the department of pediatric pulmonology in the year 2006. She started pediatric and neonatal bronchoscopy for the first time in Uttar Pradesh. Bronchoscopy is a procedure to peep into the airway of children. A child may be coughing for a long time and the cause is not known, at times it may be difficult to take the child off a ventilator, frequently one needs a sample to diagnose some infections or allergies, some children come with recurrent pneumonias, at times a child may come with difficulty in breathing or a noisy breathing and quite often a child may come with a history of choking….! These are a few indications for pediatric flexible bronchoscopy of which Dr. Kapoor is an expert and the only pediatrician to be doing it in the state. She also has removed more than 300 foreign bodies from the airways of children. Small children explore their environment through their mouth, and this is how a small peanut, pea, betel nut, small piece of toy etc. find their way into a toddler’s airway. This is an emergency, and one has to rush to the hospital !

Pediatric Asthma : Asthma is a known cause of recurrent cough in children and Dr. Kapoor is an expert in treating and diagnosis children with Asthma. For diagnosis of asthma, one needs special tests like spirometry and Airway forced oscillometry etc. Dr. Kapoor is an expert in interpreting these tests and both are done regularly at her hospital.


It is another area where Dr. Kapoor has a deep insight into. Sleep evaluation is necessary in children with snoring, obesity, children with different neurological problems, congenital malformations making sleep difficult. Dr. Kapoor is an expert in doing sleep studies in such children. Sleep hygiene is a new concept which helps the child maintain a good sleep routine. Many parents have benefitted by counselling in sleep hygiene. Dr. Kapoor has a state-of-the-art sleep lab in her hospital.


Many children have chronic lung diseases where the diagnosis may be very difficult. Dr. Kapoor is an expert in such chronic lung diseases like cystic fibrosis, primary ciliary dyskinesia, interstitial lung diseases.


TB is a major health care problem in India and childhood TB is increasing. Dr. Kapoor is an expert in diagnosing and treating Childhood Tuberculosis.


Children suffer from various allergies which manifest such as runny nose, cough, rashes, gastrointestinal symptoms or sometimes life-threatening symptoms. Dr. Kapoor is an expert in Childhood allergies.